What is a Demo Car?

A demo vehicle is the answer to anyone looking to buy new without the hefty price tag.
Below is a detailed discussion on what demo cars are and why they appeal to prospective buyers.

What are demo cars?
As the name suggests, demo cars are used by dealership staff to demonstrate a certain model in store and show a car’s capabilities to a potential customer. In a sense, they are not brand new or used but are instead somewhere in between the two.

What can you get from demo cars?
Demo cars provide many of the advantages of both new and used models. Since they were already driven, the dealership can sell them at a discounted price. These cars are not registered yet and legally, they aren’t “used” cars. The dealership also wants to display their vehicles as brand new. They will go the extra mile to take care of them. What you get from a demo vehicle is an almost new car with nearly the price of a used model.
Is there any catch to buying a demo car?
There are some disadvantages when it comes to buying a demo vehicle. This includes the reduced warranty period provided by the manufacturer. Another catch is the limited selection since dealerships only have a small number of demo cars available. This makes it difficult to find a model with a specific colour and features.

Are demo cars still worth it?
In short, yes. Demo cars are a worthy investment. If you are looking for a near-mint condition vehicle, choose a demo. Look for the current market value of a specific demo to get the best deal out of it. Visit the dealership selling the demo car and enquire how the vehicle was used and the number of months left in the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure to also check the car for any defects.
Having all this information can put you in a better position to negotiate. Think of it as if you are buying a used car. You can justify the price reduction for any negative points you might find on a demo vehicle.
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