Bartons are Brisbane’s Fleet Specialists


Some businesses require a large number of vehicles or a fleet to complete their daily work. Fleet vehicles provide an economical means of purchasing or leasing several cars, vans or trucks for any business. Some industries that use fleets include couriers, locksmiths, utility companies and government offices.
Bartons is one of Brisbane’s fleet specialists, providing better deals and services for your business. Below are some of the features to expect when availing of Bartons’ fleet vehicles.

Competitive prices
Certain dealerships may offer fleet vehicle prices that may seem like a great deal but are in fact substandard. Bartons is one of the few car dealerships in Brisbane who strives to offer competitive pricing. Our team can even provide price quotes for several models, including Subaru, Mitsubishi, Holden and Hyundai vehicles.

Fleet evaluation
Bartons’ experts understand the importance of choosing the right vehicle for your business. This is why we offer fleet evaluations in order to find any opportunities for improvement. Once our expert staff find areas for improvement, Bartons can create an effective plan and make necessary adjustments without interrupting your business’ daily operations.
On-site servicing
When one of your purchased fleet vehicles breaks down, Bartons offers on-site servicing. We understand the responsibility of managing a large number of vehicles, with our maintenance staff and garages ready to service any of your vehicles. As a valued customer, this service is free of charge.

Fleet management
Having to manage a fleet of vehicles can be a huge responsibility which your company may not afford. Bartons can provide fleet management services to ensure your vehicles are well-maintained and road-worthy, with our management services including features such as operational reports.

Personalised service
Bartons understand that every business is different and has various needs. This is why their fleet vehicle services are personalised for your company. Having your own account manager who takes care of your service bookings, reports, quotes and trade evaluations for your business are some of the personalised services offered by Bartons. The manager is your friendly point of communications with all of Bartons fleet vehicles services.
These are the reasons why many companies choose to avail of their fleet cars in Brisbane with Bartons. Visit our website or your nearest dealer for more information today.

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