Common questions for used car customers

  • What features do you need? What is your budget? Is it fuel efficient? Is it easy to service?
  • What is the history of the models you are considering? Have they been reliable? Are they tested? Have they sold well?
  • Test drive a number of models. Is it comfortable? Is it noisy? Does it have enough power?

These are the main questions we ask at Bartons used cars Wynnum.

In used cars we make sure the customer comes first. Buying a car weather it is new or used is a big expense having the vehicle ready roadworthy detailed on the yard is so important.

Into days market customers want the best and this is what we provide at Bartons making sure our cars are of high quality and a peace of mind motoring. Every vehicle comes with a warranty this giving the customer a peace of mind buying from a dealership with over 67 years of local service !! We also offer all makes and model vehicle servicing

You can research and know as much as you want about a car, but until you have seen the car in person and have driven it, you cannot make your decision whether you want it or not. The feel of the car is completely different from what you read online and is not something that can be described.


Why performance technology matters

Why performance technology matters

Subaru vehicles have been a popular choice for many Australians, with a number of benefits that make the car brand stand out from the rest. One of the most obvious advantages of a Subaru vehicle is in its DNA. It’s the performance technology that matters.

With more than four decades of rigorous scientific testing, the Subaru has various performance parts that make it so desirable, including:

Boxer Engine

Rather than standing vertically, this engine is made to lie horizontally in the engine bay. This provides a lower centre of gravity. The design of the Boxer Engine means it has a unique punch and counter action, making it quieter and reducing vibration, as well as offering greater balance, stability, traction and control.

Lineartronic CVT

Subaru is proud to have created the world’s first longitudinally mounted system for AWD production vehicles. The system differs from conventional automatic transmission in that it provides infinite variability between the highest and lowest available ratios with no discernable steps or shifts. This means smooth gear changes and an overall smoother ride. You can also choose “manual mode” if you prefer it.

Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE)

For Subaru vehicles, SI-DRIVE regulates key engine functions, offering three distinctive driving modes. For manual models, the system regulates the engine control unit and the electronic throttle. Automatic models get all of the above, as well as regulation of the transmission control unit. The three modes are Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp.

Automatic Stop Start

Take fuel efficiency to the next level with this unique Subaru feature that automatically stops the engine during times of idleness, such as at the lights or in stop-start traffic. You don’t have to do anything – the system works by automatically stopping the engine then restarting it in a fraction of a second. Put your foot on the accelerator and take off as smoothly as you stopped.

To find out which Subaru models have which features or to see what else goes into the DNA of a Subaru vehicle, visit Bartons Subaru, the Subaru dealership in Brisbane.