Used Holdens are Great Value

Next to homes, cars are the second largest purchase Australians make. When browsing through newspapers, magazines and online advertisements, you will likely see lots of vehicles up for sale. While some prefer brand new units, others still choose pre-owned or used ones for economic reasons. Compared to purchasing a new unit, buying a used Holden Captiva, for example, can be more cost-effective. Think of it as avoiding unnecessary expenses!

From proven reliability to after-sales service, below are some of the main reasons why used Holdens are a good buy and of great value:

True value for money

Cars, be it a used or brand-new unit, lose some of their market value every time they are driven. In fact, a new car usually loses 40 per cent of its value in its first year. In addition, initial costs of purchasing a new car are quite steep. The good thing about used cars? They already went through depreciation. Once you drive it off the dealer’s lot, it retains more of its value as a vehicle. No need to think about market depreciation and cost. Used cars offer true value for your money.

Certified pre-owned vehicles

Luxury car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and BMW were the first to offer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, or CPOs. The price of a CPO vehicle is usually a bit higher. However, it assures would-be customers of quality and reliability. Some of the main benefits of CPOs include extended manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance. Dealers offer special financing terms, which is typically lower than new car loans. Certified pre-owned vehicles also undergo rigorous inspections to ensure the car’s roadworthiness. All their mechanical and cosmetic parts are refurbished to give their customers the utmost reliability.

Used vehicles are very reliable

Contrary to popular belief, used vehicles are often as reliable as their brand-new counterparts are. Modern Holdens were built to last for hundreds of thousands of kilometres. After a rigorous inspection, strict protocols for certification are followed to ensure utmost reliability. Any issues or problems encountered by the first owner are already fixed by the dealership. It gives a would-be used car owner the peace of mind they need when driving their car.

Affordable fees, rates and less paperwork

A car’s year model and market value are the basis for its annual registration fee. Usually, a new vehicle’s registration fee for the first three years is more expensive, which can turn off some people. Buying a used car can save you thousands of dollars from a new car registration fee. Another benefit of buying a used car is the lower insurance rates. Insuring a pre-owned car, depending on its age, proves to be more cost-effective. In addition, the dealership can help you with the paperwork and vehicle registration. No need to fall in line to register your used car.

Before purchasing a brand-new Holden, consider buying a used one. Look at what the dealer has to offer and take a second look at their pre-owned units. You might just find a diamond in the rough!

Bartons Holden is committed to offering the best quality used vehicles on the road. If you are in the market for a pre-owned Holden, call them on (07) 3177 2982.

Holden Trax, Bartons Holden

Holden Trax

The Trax is a welcome addition to Holden’s family of SUVs. Smaller than the Captiva 5 and Captiva 7, it is one of the most popular mini SUVs on the market today. Borrowing the Cruze’s powertrain and the Barina’s platform, the Holden Trax mixes power and comfort in one small package.

Stylish design

Despite its size, the Trax’s bold and sporty lines give it a commanding presence on the road. Its bold shoulder curves and diving rooflines make it look tougher and more solid. Despite its robust stance, this mini SUV is still a fun vehicle to drive. The Trax should appeal to all types of drivers, be it young or old. The LS model comes with four 16-inch alloy wheels while the LTZ variant comes with 18-inch alloy wheels.

Power under the bonnet

Made to handle Australia’s weather and road conditions, the Holden Trax offers a 1.8-litre DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder petrol engine for the LS variant, while the LTZ variant has a 1.4-litre DOHC iTi turbo petrol engine. Paired with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission with Active Select, it produces enough torque to blaze through city streets and highways with ease. In addition, the Trax’s 5-speed manual and 6-speed auto transmissions provide ample throttle response and gear ratio while driving.

Interior features and accessories

Don’t let its size fool you. The Trax has a spacious interior and boot. Front passengers have the luxury of adjusting their seats in four different ways. Drivers, on the other hand, can adjust their seats in six different ways. Rear seats were designed to fold 60/40. The boot measures around 356 litres with LED lights. It also features a 12-volt auxiliary power point inside its console.

Drivers do not have to take their hands off the steering wheel since the entertainment controls are within their fingers’ reach. The wheel-mounted controls allow them to access functions such as playing songs, adjusting the volume and changing radio stations. The Trax also features the Holden MyLink infotainment system. It has a 7-inch colour touch-screen, Bluetooth connectivity, Siri Eyes-Free mode and six speakers to keep the vehicle’s occupants entertained.

A five-star ANCAP safety rating certified

Awarded with the highest possible safety rating of 5 stars, the Trax is one of the safest vehicles in the Holden stable. It is equipped with front and side impact airbags for both driver and front passenger. It also has full-length side curtain airbags, a collapsible pedal release system, ABS and electronic stability control. Driving the Trax gives its drivers utmost peace of mind.

Holden’s Trax is a great vehicle for families and people who want to drive an SUV with optimal performance. Packed with modern and practical features, the Trax is the vehicle you want to runabout with.

If you looking for a Holden dealer in Brisbane, visit Bartons Holden. They carry a wide range of Holden models you can choose from. For enquiries, call them on (07) 3177 2982 today.