What is holden service express?

As a dealer we recognize that with customer’s busy schedules, time is critically important. That is why we are introducing a new program to our holden service centre called service express.

The main benefit that comes from service express is that it is convenient for the customer. No more leaving your vehicle at the dealership for the day and the inconvenience that goes with it, you can now have your car serviced as per the logbook within an hour while you wait in our comfortable lounge enjoying a coffee, working on your laptop or just relaxing watching television. Along with this you can actually watch your car being worked on through our glass window within the service reception.

This new program is only offered through two dealerships within Australia and Bartons Holden is leading the way by supporting this efficient way of servicing our customers cars.

The following is just a number of benefits you receive from being a part of the service express program:

  • Factory trained holden service technicians working on your vehicle
  • State of the art service facilities
  • Dedicated parking bay and service advisor for service express customers
  • Only holden genuine replacement parts used
  • Log book service done within an hour

Booking your car in for this is no different, simply call our service department at bartons and let them know that you would like to book for a service express, we will give you a time and you can then come in and enjoy the experience of service express.

Talk the talk with your car dealer

Buying a car can be confusing and daunting, especially once you meet up with a dealer. However, standing tall and knowing what to ask can have a huge impact on the deal you end up getting. With the following tips and tricks, you can get a great deal and ensure everyone is happy!

 Do your research beforehand

Before even setting foot in a dealership, it is important to have a look online. We are lucky to live in an age where everything is available at a mouse click. Take advantage of this and research the car, the going rate for the vehicle both new and used, any reviews and whatever else you would want to know. Coming armed with information is a great asset when visiting a dealership.


If you are looking to upgrade from your current car, it is a lot easier if the dealership accepts trade-ins. You won’t have to sell your own used car and the old car will reduce the price of your new purchase. Make sure you ask the dealer how they can help.

 Previous owner and problems

When looking at a used car, you need to know exactly what it’s been through. You should be able to request maintenance records, a certificate of roadworthiness and if the car is a manufacturer certified pre-owned car.

 Dealership policies

It is important to know what the dealership offers in regards to returns, warranties and servicing. Although it may not be common for a lot of dealerships, it is not unusual for someone to regret their purchase and want to return it. Try to find a dealership that does this. Also ask about if the car comes with a warranty and any servicing specials.

 Cash price

As with most industries, paying cash will usually get you a lowered price. Ask if this is an option for the car you are looking at. Also ask what kind of financing options they have if paying cash is not possible.

 The above are just a few things to get you started. Combined with research and a little common sense, buying from a dealer should be easy!

 Looking for a dealership that works with you, not against you? Look no further than Bartons. The Brisbane based firm has dealerships scattered across the region, so there is sure to be one near you.