New vs Used – Which Should You Choose?

When purchasing a new car, the first question that comes to mind is often: “new or used?”. It is one of the toughest decisions to make.  Some suggestions from friends or family can just make things harder. However, your decision to buy a used or brand new unit boils down to your budget and preference.

Before you head to the nearest car dealer, let this guide help you make a sound decision. Below are the advantages of new and used cars:

Advantages of used cars

Cheaper – compared to new cars, used cars are relatively cheaper. Often, you can get better value out of this deal.

More choices - the market is literally flooded with different makes and models. This makes it easier to find the right vehicle for your needs. Although, some features may be missing from a certain used model. However, the money you can save from the purchase can help you add those missing features.

No depreciation - since it is a used unit, its market value has already depreciated. Once you drive it out of the dealer’s lot, its value is not going to decrease as fast as a new car.

Lower insurance rates - insurance rates are affected by a vehicle’s age. In this case, since it is a used unit, the rates are lower compared to insuring brand new ones. Just remember to do your research before accepting any insurance offers.

Used cars may not be as appealing as new cars, however, there are hundreds of well-maintained pre-owned units in the market. These units are thoroughly checked and certified road-worthy. Some dealers also offer extended warranties for used cars.

Advantages of brand-new cars

Unique - your car must suit your lifestyle and new cars can be made to order. Dealers can help you find the right accessories, exterior add-ons and body colours to suit your preferences. Interior leather covers, dashboard accessories and the car’s body colour helps make a brand new car uniquely designed for a customer.

Manufacturer’s warranty - one of the advantages of buying a new car is its warranty. It is easy to purchase warranties for used cars. However, you may need to pay an extra premium for it. Brand new cars already come with a manufacturer’s warranty – for free!

Best options and features - new units usually come packed with tech features like touchscreen multimedia consoles, GPS navigation interfaces or driver-assist technology. The best in car tech are usually featured on brand new models.

Lower maintenance expenses - vehicle manufacturers usually cover routine maintenance items for the first 10,000 kilometres. New batteries, an exhaust system, brakes and tires are not needed in the first three years of ownership.

Some people prefer brand new cars because it gives them a sense of pride. Owning one means selecting a unit, which reflects their personality. In addition, it also gives them peace of mind while driving their new purchase. These advantages can help you decide on what to purchase on your next visit at the dealership.

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Car Servicing: What Actually Happens?

Cars are their owner’s responsibility. They are not just there for their driving pleasure – cars also need attention. To keep it in pristine condition, your car needs regular servicing. Once it rolls off the production line and its mileage is running, scheduling it for routine maintenance is a necessity.

It is important to understand why your car needs servicing. Below details some of the car servicing process and how it can benefit your vehicle.

Car servicing basics

Servicing a car usually depends on its make and model. Some only require small amounts of work while others need a major overhaul. Since modern cars depend on complicated servicing procedures, it is best to bring them to a dealership as they have trained mechanics who can do it for you.

Below are some aspects of the car which are checked while it is in for a routine service:


Since this is a car’s lifeblood, it usually needs to be drained and changed every 16,000 kilometres. Any oil residue is flushed to avoid possible contamination. Fresh oil is poured into the engine to ensure clean and clear emissions. The oil filter is also replaced to complete the servicing process.

Replenish fluids

Fluids for the car’s brakes, power steering, radiator and even the windscreen wiper bottle are also checked. Mechanics ensure these are topped up or replenished. Windscreen wipers are also inspected during this process.


The dashboard’s indicator lights, brake lights and headlights are routinely checked for problems. If there are problems, the parts are repaired or replaced.


Tyre treads also need to be checked. Mechanics will inspect its depth to measure tread wear. Possible tears on the sidewalls are also checked to prevent air from leaking. As for the tyre’s pressure, check the car manual for the recommended pressure.

Brake and suspension

The brake and suspension system are vital parts of a car. Brakes help stop the vehicle while the suspension system helps control its steering, road handling and braking. Brakes need to be inspected to avoid early wear. Once it wears down to the “metal-to-metal” point, the brakes need to be replaced. As for the suspension system, its moving parts and tension on the shock absorbers will also be checked. This ensures a smooth and safe ride for everyone in the vehicle.

Advantages of servicing a car

Car owners want their value for money. A well-maintained car increases its reliability and decreases maintenance costs. Basic maintenance such as changing the oil, replacing the fluids and inspecting the tyre’s treads can help increase a car’s value. Even old cars in mint condition will fetch higher on the market.

Servicing your car regularly can benefit you in the future. Small problems can be fixed to avoid expensive overhauls later on. When you take care of your car, it will take care of you while you drive.

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