Top Car Care Tips That Slow Depreciation – Part 2

Focus on the outside – good looks come from good care

Whether you’re selling or not, how your car looks from the outside is what determines first impressions. A car that looks good has been looked after well and buyers now that. However, there is more to it than just a shiny finish to your exterior that should be considered.

    > Paintwork. Detailing work, polishes, waxing and high sudsing shampoos combined with chamois, sponges and power washers can help protect your paint’s surface from damage and release its lustre wash after wash. TIP: A quick rinse can help remove tiny bits of debris that could cause scratching if not removed.


    > A simple Tyre Pressure check ONCE A WEEK can help ensure your safety but by keeping your tyres at the correct PSI, you can reduce ware and fuel consumption.

    TOP TIP: Keep a record of the tyres you use during your car’s lifetime and make sure they are good quality. Not only will they benefit you but when it comes to SELLING your car, a car’s tyre history tells a story to any buyer on how well looked after it is.

    > Keeping on the tyre trend, Tyre Tread depth is also extremely important to monitor for your own safety. Low tyre treads decrease the grip you have on the road and excess surface water can lead to aquaplaning. Keep on top of your tyre treads and replaced them with high quality tyres, as they will wear less.

    > If you can’t see it then it doesn’t mean that it’s not important and an area of your car that can be deprived of attention is your Chassis. Puddles, mud and sand can all leave a layer on your chassis system and the more salty it is (tends to be more coastal areas) then the higher risk you are of rust. A simple hose attachment that is designed to get under your car can help rid if of layers of mud, sand and dirt. Clean EVERY TIME you clean your car and definitely after trips in which muddy puddles or sand have occurred.

There’s more to interior cleaning than the vacuum.

    > For sure, vacuuming regularly can help prevent the build-up of crumbs, wrappers and dirt, which can ultimately preserve floors and seats. Make sure you get inbetween the seats and if dirt and crumbs aren’t lifting off the floor, use a scrubbing brush to help raise them to the surface. Microfibre cloths are great for dusting and interior shampooing can make surfaces look brand new.


    > If you have a young family or you know your car can get messy, Car Seat Covers are a great way to a) customise your seats and b) keep them protected for future sales.

    TOP TIP: From a buyers perspective a car that smells like cigarettes can be a huge turn-off. Keep smoking outside of your car, as it’s near impossible to remove the smell.

Sales tips and where to look for buying & selling

All of the above are great things to keep on top of throughout your ownership. Cleaning doesn’t have to be regular and ‘under the hood’ checks take just a few minutes a week. As well as checking the parts mentioned in the first section, the following are some other areas to inspect before you put your for sale sign up:

    > Spark Plugs – make sure your electronics are all fully functioning
    > Fan Belt – check for noise, wear and tear
    > Lights & Bulbs
    > Spare Key
    > Fuel light isn’t on – lights on the dash can be off putting to buyers.

When it comes to getting your next car or selling your current one, thousands of Australian’s flock to Gumtree to search for and advertise cars. The same applies to car dealerships like Bartons in which you personally have to weigh up which option you prefer.


Depending on what factors are the most important to you, going via Gumtree or a dealership like Bartons have their pros and cons, so consider what is most important to you before buying or selling. At the end of the day, cars that have been looked after the best and it is evident that they have been, they will sell the best.

Top Car Care Tips That Slow Depreciation – Part 1

Too many people don’t take good enough care of their cars and that’s why the unexpected should be expected. Initially, when people get a new or used car into their life, they tend to take better care of it initially and over time that personal care and attention diminishes. Cars are investments that do need to be looked after and cared for – not used without concern. Certain factors like keeping tabs on fluid levels and condition spot checks can help save you from the unexpected and hefty bills. Let’s put it this way…these handy, honest tips will hopefully move you towards spending time over your bonnet like this:
and not like this:
whilst saving you money in the process and maintaining your car’s resale value.

Under the hood

Perhaps the most important section of the car is the mechanics. Now you don’t have to be an expert in car mechanics to do any of the following checks on your car neither do they require you to disassemble an engine. These preventative maintenance methods are ideal for keeping your car running smoothly, reducing depreciation between service intervals, and making your car sell easier when it’s time to move on.

    > Check you Oil WEEKLY. Engine Oil should be a dark brown colour and the closer it is to black the more it needs changing. Use the Dip Stick and some cloth to check the colour; it’s a 2 minute job. The longer you leave not changing bad oil, the worse it is for you car’s engine. TIP: Check oil when engine is warm and on a flat surface.


    > The same goes for Engine Coolant. A WEEKLY look at your coolant levels can help you determine whether you have a leak or not. If you are noticing you are filling it up regularly – contact your dealer. REMEMBER: Never fill the coolant level above the MAX line.

    > Power Steering Fluid. Again, a simple 30 second glance ONCE A WEEK at your power steering fluid level can help save your car’s valves and pipes from bursting. Without power steering fluid, not only is your steering system going to be effected, but bursts and breaks can affect other parts of the engine.

    > Stay cool even during winter as checking your A/C is important all year round. Make sure you’re using it for around 5-10 minutes every 2-3 weeks to ensure the system is properly lubricated. REMEMBER: Never try and fix you’re A/C system, all repairs must be carried out by an ARC accredited repairer.

    > Filters- the hidden pieces of kit that we rarely think of. Oil filters should be changed alongside your oil and pollen filters cleaned or replaced (depending on condition) maybe ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR (Pollen Filters every 30k). Oil filters help keep particulates from entering your engine system while pollen filters clean the air that enters your car…you’ll be surprised how dirty they get.

    > Finally, Brake Fluid can deteriorate over time and low levels can lead to corrosion of braking components as the boiling point of the fluid is decreased with less liquid. It’s simple cuppa brewing science – less liquid = faster boil. Check WEEKLY to avoid problems and frequent changes throughout the year can help flush out contaminants.


Taking a look under your bonnet for all these things can literally take 5 minutes and changing these fluids is the easier part. With so many products on the market and so many cars, it can be hard to find the specific parts for your car. The great news is that SuperCheap Auto has an extremely comprehensive and useful part finder on their website. Simply enter your car make, model and year and all the compatible parts that you may need are there instantly, broken down into sections.

Holden Colorado Z71 Specs & Features

Get serious! Producing a staggering 500Nm of torque from the 2.8L Dumarax Diesel Engine, the brand new 2016 Colorado Z71 will be leaving others in the dust. Boasting an unrivalled 3.5 tonne towing capacity, you’ll find it hard to find something you can’t tow. Designed to be distinctive,

Holden brings you the latest technology and entertainment systems behind the aggressive, sporty Z71 exterior. Whether at work or play, enjoy the raw muscle of the Colorado Z71 in complete comfort.

Click around the image below to experience the exciting new feature packed Holden Colorado Z71.

Running Costs of Your Holden Infographic

There are three very important questions a prospective car owner asks when entering a dealership: Is it fuel efficient? How much will repairs and servicing cost me over the years? How economic is the car to drive? All of these questions narrow down to one thing: the running cost. At Bartons, we want you to get the best deal so we’ve collated some Holden favourites and their fuel, tyre and servicing costs per kilometre so you can see just how much it costs to own a Holden!

Running Costs of Your Holden

Want to grab a great deal? Head to Bartons’ Wynnum dealership today.

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All About the Holden Cruze SRiV

Australia’s next generation small sedan, the Holden Cruze Sri-V, combines comfort, style and sophistication. Featuring a sportier look and advanced technology, this car is set to raise the bar in the Australian sedan market. Thanks to General Motor’s expertise in automobile engineering and design, the Holden Cruze Sri-V is not just a small sedan – it is a certified Australian-made mini.

Offering new body styling and a better engine, the Holden Cruze Sri-V is set to redefine the small car driving experience. Check out the newest features and technology this small sedan has to offer below:


With the new Sri-V, Holden upped the ante by installing a turbo-charged 1.6-litre DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder petrol engine. Compared to its predecessor’s 1.4-litre engine, the new engine produces 132 kilowatts of power at 5,500 RPM. With 230 Newton-metres of torque, it has enough power to easily drive though the busy urban jungle or the open road. In addition, this new engine is also more responsive and fuel-efficient. Based on an ADR test: the Sri-V’s fuel economy was rated at 7.4-litres/100 kilometres.


Aside from its new turbo-charged engine, the Sri-V promises to energise every drive. Its Watts Link suspension gives this sedan a refined and sporty feel while driving. Since this new suspension provides lateral support to the car’s rear axle, it makes it easier for drivers to drive through road bends. Its tighter directional control and rear wheel steering allows for a better driving experience.

The Sri-V also features a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. Drivers opting for the manual transmission will experience better launches from first gear and lower revs when in higher gears. On the other hand, the automatic transmission optimises the engine’s performance through its Active Select option. With a touch of a button, drivers can switch between automatic and manual gear shifting to address any driving condition.

Safety features

Road safety is Holden’s motto. The company is serious about it and incorporated modern safety features on the Sri-V. Some of these include 4-wheel disc brakes with an Antilock Braking System or ABS. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Brake Assist and Traction Control are also some of the assistive technologies included on this sedan.

The Sri-V also features six airbags and a reinforced passenger safety cell which provides maximum protection for both driver and passenger during a collision. Given these safety features, the Holden Cruze Sri-V earned a 5-star ANCAP safety making, proving that safety will always be Holden’s top priority.

Interior and exterior features

Vibrant body styles and colours, 18-inch alloy wheels, side mirrors with integrated turn signal lamps, Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and a distinct front end gives the Holden Sri-V a sportier stance. Its interior gives its driver and passengers a taste of luxury. From the Sri-V’s leather-appointed interior to its satellite navigation, this car lets the driver appreciate the feel of the wheel. Passengers can also enjoy the drive thanks to its 6-speaker MyLink infotainment system and electronic climate control. Both drivers and passengers can enjoy the big features this small car has to offer.

The Holden Cruze Sri-V is a true Australian small sedan. It is dynamic, elegant and the more you look at it, the more you will like it. It may be small but the Cruze Sri-V is big on style.

If you are looking for a Holden Cruze in Brisbane, check out Bartons Holden. They have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. Visit their website for more details.